What You Need to Know about Kratom Dosage

Do you know about Kratom? Actually, this is known as an organic leaf. Mostly, it is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. There are several important things you need to learn about this organic kratom plant. This is including learning about Kratom Dosage.


Two Dosages of Dried Kratom Leaf

For your information, Kratom has two different dosages. Those are low dosage and high dosage. You will get the effect of low dosage if you only use Kratom as a stimulant. On the other hand, you will get the effect of high dosage if you consume Kratom more than the normal dosage. We can say that you are consuming this organic leaf as stimulant or sedative . Moreover, the dosage also depends on the freshness of the leaf. The best product is the dried Kratom leaf but it is a little bit difficult to get. Commonly, you can buy it outside Asia.

Four Different Grades of Dried Kratom Leaf  

If it is related to Kratom Dosage, you also need to know about the grade of the Kratom Capsules sold on the market. What you need to know that there are 4 different grades. The first grade is organic commercial grade. The dosage of this leaf is around 2 to 8 grams. The second grade of dried Bali Kratom you can buy on the market is premium or instant premium. The dosage of this level is around 2 up to 6 grams. You can also buy super dried Kratom leaf in which the dosage is around 2 up to 8 grams. One more grade you can find on the market is super enhanced. This is a perfect grade to buy especially if you want to feel the sensation of consuming around 1 up to 2 grams of Kratom leaf. Hopefully, this information helps you a lot so you can get the best effect after consuming the dried leave. It is also possible for you to consult with the expert to get the best grade for maximal result.